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Elevated Feeders For Dogs - Small, Medium and Large Dogs

Elevated Pet Bowls

OurPets Elevated Pet Bowls - 4,8,14 inch

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Elevated Pet Feeding Bowls

Thanks for Visiting !   Here we feature elevated feeders to make it easier for your dogs to dine on their meals.

We have chosen some of the best in elevated dog bowl feeders from which for you to choose.

They come in different heights and sizes so as to fit your doggie's short or long legs.

Most usually have removable, dishwasher safe bowls. You can get a single bowl, double bowl or 3 bowl version.

The elevated dog bowl feeder with food storage is a nice space saver. Elevated feeders are good for dogs that have trouble swallowing, neck or back problems or arthritis. They also help keep feeding areas cleaner.

This page offers a special selection of elevated dog bowls but your dog may have other needs such as dog carriers , leashes, a new dog bed or dog collars . You may want to also pick up these items before you leave.

Elevated Dog Feeder by Bergan

IRIS Elevated Feeder with Food Storage

Elevated Dog Bowl Feeders for dogs with arthritis, neck or back problems
Elevated Dog Feeder Bowls with Storage Compartment.
  • The Bergan Elevated Dog Bowl Feeder combines sleek form with functionality.
  • The removable stainless steel feeding bowls make filling and cleaning easy.
  • Grows with your pet; removable legs allow this dog feeder to be used on the ground or elevated.
  • 2 Quart size feeding bowls.
  • When used as elevated height is 11 inches.
  • Improve your pets digestion and reduce muscle strain with the IRIS elevated feeder dog bowls with airtight storage right below the feeding area.
  • This elevated pet feeder includes 2 2-quart stainless steel bowls.
  • The airtight food storage keeps food fresh and stores up to 47 lbs.
  • 2 smaller sizes also available.
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Neater Feeder Elevated Dog Bowl

Ethical Mediterranean Double Diner

Spill Proof Elevated Dog Feeder Bowls for small and large dogs with splash guard.
Mediterranean Double Diner with Removeable Dishwasher safe Bowls
  • The Neater Feeder elevated dog bowl feeding systems for large dogs and cats contains spills and splashes and separates spilled food from spilled water.
  • Spilled water drains into the lower reservoir of the pet feeder while the guard keeps spilled food off the floor.
  • Created for small and large dogs weighing 30-100 lbs. and includes two 2-quart premium stainless steel bowls and a set of 4 non-skid inserts.
  • The Neater Feeder for large dogs has a standard height of 8".
  • Taller dogs may be more comfortable with leg extensions (sold separately), that raise the bowl height to 11".
  • Top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Comes in bronze or cranberry colors.
  • This modern, stylish, hand crafted mediterranean-styled frame with intricate scrollwork looks decrotative while it holds two stainless steel dog bowls that are 1 pint each (16 oz.).
  • Their raised height allows for pet to eat at a proper height to help promote better digestion.
  • Dishwasher safe bowls.
  • Also available in larger sizes 1 Quart bowls (32 oz.) and   2 Quart bowls (64 oz.) for large dogs..
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Click to Purchase:   Ebay   Walmart

Elevated Dog Feeder with 3 Bowls

Mesh Single Bowl Elevated Dog Diner

3 Bowl Elevated Dog Feeder Wood Material.
Single Bowl Elevated Dog Feeder
  • Elevated dog feeder made from solid ash wood.
  • Finished with 3 coats of water base polyurethane, safe for your pet.
  • Solid mortise and tenon construction will give this diner years of use.
  • Completely assembled, ready to use.
  • Stainless steel, dishwasher safe bowls included.
  • Available in two bowl design.
  • This beautiful wrought iron elevated dog diner has a sturdy circle base, perfect for large and giant breeds.
  • This feeder has a solid one piece construction.
  • Includes one diswasher friendly 3 quart stainless steel dog bowl for feeding or water.
  • The sleek, fashionable wrought iron pet diner looks good with any home decor.
  • Bowls have a rubber band around the bottom.
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Platinum Pets Triple Modern Diner Stand

Ethical Pet Products Posture Pro Raised Bowls

Raised Dog Bowl Feeders
Raised Dog Bowl Holders, Adjustable Height Elevated Dog Bowls for your pet.
  • A raised diner stand with 8 cups wide rimed stainless steel dog food bowls in midnight black by Platinum Pets.
  • This elevated dog bowl feeder is made of hand-forged wrought iron that is 11.5" high..
  • Dog bowls are finished in a long lasting powercoat.
  • Powder coated in beautiful matte black.
  • Dishwasher safe, lifetime guarantee against rust .
  • Available in two bowl design.
  • This elevated feeder from Posture Pro is an adjustable height diner (9.5" to 13.5") with dog bowls for pets.
  • The metal legs with nonskid feet help keep pet feeder from shifting.
  • Includes two diswasher safe 2 quart stainless steel dog bowls for feeding or water.
  • Made from dense wood hardboard.
  • Cherry finish.
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Feeding Your Dog A Proper Diet

Survival for animals and humans depends on a good dietary regimen.  You need to meet the basic nutritional requirements with proper proportions of carbohydrates, protein and fat in ones diet in order to promote optimal body weight.

Humans tend to pay attention to their diet for themselves but don't always think to pay attention to their pet's diet.  With the growing awareness by veterinarians and dog owners concerning the importance of diet in pets more attention is being given to the content of dog food and dog treats.

Just like humans, your dog needs the right combination of the basic food groups in order to live a long and healthy life.  Also, like humans, dogs need a good diet to prevent obesity and all the health problems that come along with being overweight.

Your dog may not get all the essential vitamins and minerals needed in its daily diet so you may want to consider adding minerals and vitamin supplements to their daily intake.  With the correct vitamins and minerals in their diet a dog will be able to maintain a shiny, healthy-looking coat as well as be agile and playful for years to come.

Here are some tips to guide you with planning your dog's daily diet:

  • Not Just Meat - Even though dogs are carnivorous and they need meat products to help generate growth and energy, they also need fiber to help them digest their food properly.  Carbohydrates are also needed to help them with the added energy that they need.  You may not find that all of this is provided in the dog food purchased from the markets and will want to supplement occasionally with real foods where meat, fibers and carbohydrates are present.
  • Minerals and Vitamins Are Also Needed - Vitamins and minerals are just as important for dogs as they are for humans.  They help maintain luster and shine in their coats, provide healthy gums and teeth as well as contribute to their overall general health and well being.  Lack of some minerals or vitamins can lead to dry skin problems, frail bones, weight problems, tummy problems and in extreme cases even death.
  • Human Food Treats - Dogs really love a lot of foods that humans eat.  If you as a human are eating healthy foods then consider your dog when planning your meals.  It is just meat that is good for your dog.  Include them when planning vegetables also.  I learned when I had a dog that developed diabetes that green beans are good to help with blood sugar levels.  All my dogs love green beans.
  • Mix Wet And Dry - give your dog a mixture of canned food and dry food.  Giving them both kinds will often times provide a better nutritional value to their diet.
  • Dogs Need Greens Too - We have already mentioned green beans but dogs need other greens in their meals as well.  If you live where your dog can run free in grassy areas they will seek out and eat grass that is good for them.  Unfortunately many owners do not give their dogs the opportunity to find grass to eat for their health.
  • Plenty of Water - Make sure you remember to give your dog fresh, clean water every day.  If this is one of the chores assigned to your children, follow up to make sure they complete it.
  • Comfortable Bed - Dogs need a good night's rest just like humans do.  Provide them with a comfortable bed in their space where they can feel safe getting a good snooze. If you have a dog with arthritis then you may consider one of the orthopedic beds for them.  A heated bed is also a good option for those with arthritis or outside dogs in inclement weather conditions.
  • Raised Feeder Bowls -  Raised dog feeders are good for large dogs and/or dogs with certain health problems, like neck or hip problems.
  • Plenty of Exercise -  Dogs like to run and play.  If you do not have a place where they can run freely then take them for long walks, play ball with them or take them to a park where you can allow them to run freely.
  • Love and Companionship - Dogs want to love and be loved.  Spend time with your dog.  Include them in your daily activities.  Cuddle with them.  Love and take care of them and they will do the same for you.

Of course you should consult with your veterinarian when you need help with your dogs diet plan.  Many veterinarians are open to treatment of problems with your dog by using vitamin and mineral supplements.  I have a dog that came from a shelter with hip problems.  After trying several different steroid treatments we tried Vitamin E for a few weeks, then Aloe Vera for a few weeks and finally used Bone Meal which did the trick.  He is now moving around without a limp and more importantly without pain.

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