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Walk Your Dog Leash

Dog Leashes for Two Dogs without Tangle.

Sporn Double Dog Leash Without Tangle

  • Walk two dogs of different sizes with this leash without tangling or using two leads.
  • Fully adjustable.
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Dog Leashes for Small and Large Dogs

Let's Go For a Walk or Run !   Here we feature dog leashes of all descriptions.

They love to go for a walk or run, no matter their size. Having a good, sturdy leash of the right length makes it a fun trip.

You can get leather, chain, natural hemp, lighted, woven nylon for one or two dogs with a handle or handsfree.

The Sporn Double Dog Leash shown to the left is great for walking 2 dogs of different sizes.

The led lighted dog leash is nice if you run after dark or just on cloudy, rainy days.

If you like to jog with your dog then the hands free dog leash for jogging will fill the bill for you.

The retractable dog leashes help to keep your dog close at hand when need be yet, allow them some freedom when you can.

Here we have shown you some of the most popular leashes from which to chose however your dog may have other needs also such as dog carriers , elevated feeder bowls , a new dog bed or larger dog collar . You may want to also pick up these items before you leave.

Flexi Explore Retractable Dog Leash Large

Coastal Pet Tital Metal Extra Heavy Chain

Retractable Dog Leash
Extra Heavy Metal Chain Dog Leash
  • This Black Flexi Explore retractable dog leash is for larger dogs that weigh 110 lbs. or less.
  • The retractable tape of the leash extends up to 26 feet.
  • A long leash design so you can walk your dog in open areas where they can enjoy lots of extra freedon on the leash.
  • Also comes in Small (for dogs up to 26 lbs. and extends up to 23 feet) and Medium ( for dogs up to 44 lbs. and extends up to 23 feet).
  • Leash Colors: Black, Blue and Red
  • This series of chain on this dog leash is argon welded and chrome plated for maximum strength and durability.
  • Chain will not tranish, rust or brake.
  • Length is about 4 feet.
  • Metal chain prevents your dog from chewing throught their leash.
  • Black nylon handle.
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Click To Purchase:   Ebay

The Buddy System Belt and Leash

Slip Style Training Leash

Hands Free Dog Leash Buddy System
Dog Leashes and Collars
  • The Buddy System Hands Free Leash System™ is an innovative, hands free leash designed for runners, walkers, hikers and just anyone who wants both hands fee while taking their best friend along with them.
  • Has the ability to store the unused leash on the belt when the dog is off-leash.
  • Available in two versions: Regular (for dogs greater than 20 lbs.) and Small (for dogs less than 20 lbs.)
  • Includes an adjustable belt, adjustable leash, 2 belt attachments and collar attachment.
  • Regular dog system is available in 3 adjustable belt sizes which can accomodate waists from 22" to 60".
  • Small Dog System is offered only in black with 1 adjustable belt size accomodating waists from 27" to 50".
  • Leash designed to move completely around the belt to preven tangling.
  • Colors: Black, Purple, Red, Royal Blue and Reflective Red.
  • Quality hand crafted Zendi slip style training lead that is designed to last..
  • Made from high quality UV coated 12mm roape with stainless steel O ring, nylon stopper and reinforced back stitched joins.
  • The lead and collar in one design offers greater control when walking as the neck piece can be placed correctly high on the dog's neck behind the ears for maximum control.
  • This allows for easy correction while walking, exercising or training.
  • The dog does not need to wearing a collar which makes this combo leash extremely handy for professionals.
  • Great for hyper and over-active dogs.
  • Available in multiple colors.
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LED Light Up Dog Leash

Planet Dog 5' Natural Hemp Leash

Lighted Dog Leash
Natural Hemp Leash with Fleece Handle
  • This LED dog leash is the latest innovation in pet safety and fashion brought to you by Dog-E-Glow.
  • It has a catchy, fun design and the functionality of bright LED lights.
  • High quality nylon sewn around several highly-efficient LED bulbs (100,000 hours).
  • The lights on the leash are only visible when turned on, either in steady glow or flashing mode.
  • Leash is lightweight, highly durable, fully weather-resistant and visible up to 1000 feet in the dark.
  • Batteries are easily replaceable after 150 hours of LED use.
  • Leashes are 6 feet in length.
  • Other patterns and colors offered.
  • Hemp is one of nature's most durable fibers and creates an incredibly strong hold that ensures your pet will stay right by your side at all times.
  • Durable stainless steel fastener that hooks to your dog's collar.
  • Fleece-lined handle eases tension in your hand.
  • Measures 5 feet in lenght.
  • Machine washable, air-dry.
  • Leash is 1" wide.
  • Colors: Apple Green, Blue, Orange, Pink and Purple.
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Click to Purchase:   Ebay

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Which Dog Leash Works For You and Your Dog?

Depending on the size of your dog, if they are young, chewing and frisky, if you are going to be just strolling with them or running and jogging and some other factors will determine what dog leash will work best for you and your dog.

If you have a dog that still loves to chew on their leash or is really strong you may want to get a chain leash.

For those who like to run or jog with their pet the handsfree leash may be the best solution. You may even want two different kinds of leashes for times when you run and times when you are just walking with your dog.

If you walk with your dog after dark or even on a cloudy day the led lighted dog leash handles are nice to have. Another option for after dark walking is a reflective collar and leash. This helps on coming cars to see your dog. You might want to invest in a reflective vest or armband for yourself.

The retractable leashes, also termed dog leash expandable, will give your dog more freedom to roam, yet allow you to bring them back in closer to you when you need too. They come in various lengths and a lock button allows you to set the length you desire for the moment. This type also helps with keeping the puppy or dog from getting tangled up in the strap so much.

For the environmentalist there are ones like the hemp leash that is very strong but also eco-friendly. They can be machine washed and air-dryed. The one shown above also has a fleece lined handle that makes it soft to the owner's hand as well.

Just take a moment to think about when you are going to be using a dog leash, the size of your dog and how active they are. Then take a look at the different selections available here for you. There is something for small dogs, large dogs, pitbulls, pulling dogs and well behaved dogs. For the owners there are leashes for running, use with bikes, lighted for night walking, soft handles, retractable, xtra long and short versions. I'm sure you will find the perfect solution for both you and your dog.

Dog Leash Retractable Large | Dog Leash for Running Hands Free

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